Cold Showers: I've heard that God is the Water...

I've been saving my life from destruction in many ways for the last 31 days by taking cold showers every morning.

All I know is that God is the water. God is the air. God is the sun. God is the earth and all that grows and exists over it.

Each morning taking a solid cold shower of 4 minutes forces you to choose: fear or courage. Weakness or Strenght. Positive thoughts or negative ones. So, you basically become a warrior in your own mind.

The words you say in your mind before getting into it make the whole difference. "I can do it. I'm strong. Thank you for my life".

And yes. God is the water and God is cold.

Deep breathing, mental clarity, feeling your body. Absolutely in contact with yourself. How can you think you are a failure after being able to take yourself under freezing cold water to reborn each day?

After those 4 minutes of positive talking and beleving in your own power... You get out and you feel and know that you love yourself more than the day before. You feel proud. Enough. Your thought process changes: I'm not weak. I'm strong.

If you love life. If you love yourself. Start taking cold showers with the correct way of doing it.

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