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Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, United States
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5' 8"
Light brown
Caucasian (white)
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My name is regina rogger from Saint clair shores Michigan united states....I m a single lady....More about me , I m 5'9 feet tall, long brown hair , blue eyes,I am very intelligent, stable, humorous, honest and
thoughful. One striking thing about me is my youthful energy and
appearance, I am fit and good-looking. I will really listen to
what's on your mind and catch you if you fall, (metaphorically and
if you're a klutz.....I enjoy the good things in life; the love of
family, good friends, good food, travel, the theater, the outdoors.
I can be comfortable in a 4 star restaurant or in the neighborhood
diner; lazing around in front of the TV (OK, sometimes it's OK to
hang out on that couch) or enjoying a Broadway show; walking on 5th
Avenue or hiking the woods. I work out as often as I can, ride my
bike and enjoy one of my passions, playing ice hockey. I enjoy the
physical and mental challenge of being the goalie.
I love to travel; the mountains, the beach, the woods, the ancient
ruins or the casino. Viewing the scenery or reliving history, it's
all good. I enjoy listening to music, and love live concerts. I am
always reading... it's a great way to keep learning, as are visits
to museums...

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